Tell Me How You Really Feel

When I’m asked to be completely honest and open about my feelings, I can’t help but feel sorry for the person I’m conversing with. They obviously do not know me. They have no idea that they’ve just volunteered to become either a sponge or a dart board, depending on the day and time. There’s a reason I keep people at a distance of at least 50 miles: because so few can deal with me, and how I really feel.

Challenge Accepted.

How I Really Feel  (Chapter 1)

Technology has ruined any chance for normal, healthy relationships.
For example, just today…
“Oh, wait- she said that???? Oh, well, let’s turn the Internet on its head, and see what we can shake out about her.” (Trifling, y’all)
“Why is she/he/ on your friends list?”
“Why you looking at my Facebook page, anyway? There. I blocked you. Now you don’t have to worry about what you see, because you can’t.”

Can we please get back to the basic principles of conversation?

Remember when phones were for talking? And we had to stand up, and in one place for the entire conversation, because the cord was really that short? Yes, a cord…not even an antenna.

Remember what we said over the phone? Nothing trivial. Only the big stuff, because hearing a voice was a treat. nowadays it’s so rare, we text each other from across the room. And wait weeks for answers on legitimate issues.

Remember when Wednesday rolled around and everybody rushed to pick up a newspaper to see who died, who had a baby, who was married, and how many cats Miss Cat Lady was hiding under her skirt this week? Well, Facebook and it’s evil partner Twitter have ruined all that. People ain’t dead five minutes before somebody has told half the town, and the other half already knew because they were the ones there when the dead one became the dead one.

Having a baby? Better have it at 2 am on a Monday, and nowhere near a holiday, otherwise every Clampett for ten counties will be sitting their butts in your room, eating Sonic while your baby is screaming and you are exhausted, helping you by documenting your every move and posting it all on Instagram.

What would we do if all this technology disappeared forever? Who would it hurt? Nobody? Or everybody? I don’t know. I’m not sure I even care. I am sure I’m tired of assumptions, accusations, half-truths, and rumors. It’s way too easy to ignore folks these days. Block, delete, reject, edit… I am personally, right now, wishing I could beam up…somewhere. Anywhere. Unfortunately, teleportation requires some deviant type of technology. Figures. But, hey, odds are pretty good that no one will be inviting me to speak unfiltered and unrestrained for awhile, at least.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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