Quick To Judge

With the cost of consumer goods and resource fuels skyrocketing out of control, and ObamaCare becoming as ineffective as it is cumbersome, many middle-aged Americans are falling into a governmental chasm.

Supply and demand drives the American economy. ObamaCare provides virtually no relief for the lower middle class, and only marginal relief for the poor. It is incorrect to assume an employed American can purchase group-rate health insurance, or insurance on the open market, for a reasonable price. In fact, the opposite is true.

The legislation dubiously but aptly referred to as ObamaCare is so flawed companies are now circumventing the system by hiring new workers into positions without benefit options. This would be acceptable if workers already have access to otherwise decent heath care coverage through a spousal or individual policy.

In households with two working adults, one of them may work solely to provide insurance for their family. I know many of these families personally, and they aren’t dead-beats. They are caught in a web of American bureaucracy from which there is, seemingly, no escape.

Imagine, now, a middle-aged, widowed woman. She is formally educated, with two degrees from a prestigious university. Despite how she came to her present circumstances, she is unemployed and now considered “aged”, there are still debts to pay. She picks up temporary jobs whenever she can. Often she works as a seamstress, which is not her formal trade, for minimum wage. She works on a day to day basis, sometimes not actually receiving her pay, and instead being forced to accept an “I Owe You”. Her pay is typically several weeks behind. There is certainly no option for health insurance. Even though she is the BEST penny pincer, she cannot afford health insurance and three (two) squares a day.

Late-middle-aged Americans are in a very real bind. The “Sandwich Generation” is caring for their parents who have also outlived their savings, while still rearing their own children, and sometimes even their grandchildren. For those accustomed to hard work, who have for generations been self-sufficient, the need for assistance from our government, or worse, their own family, is humiliating.

“The Greatest Generation” raised me. They taught me to never complain without being prepared to offer a solution. I always have an opinion, but, opinions are not solutions.

I propose all workers receive scaled compensation for the years they’ve worked, with advancement based upon experience in their particular field. If there are to be advancements or bonuses, they should be dependent on performance and initiative.

I’m not naive or deluded enough to believe there is such simple solution. But I know, first hand, that several hard working, diligent families have it tough right now. We must keep swimming, praying that the solution comes soon. Very soon.

Teach your children never to shame or belittle another’s work. We don’t know their story; we don’t know what God has asked of them. Instead, teach them to be kind to those believed to be the least of these, for they are the face of God, Himself.

Perhaps one day, some brilliant politician will come along and fix it, until then, please don’t be dismissive to the older lady at McDonald’s. I’m positive she doesn’t want to be there…

Be blessed, Y’all.

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