Shifting Focus

Is there any value to be assessed in caring for those we love? What of those we admire, or those we reach out to in a gesture of kindness whether we know them personally or not? Do we extend ourselves seeking recognition and compensation, either publicly or private? Are those actions considered and performed with the intent to elicit gratitude or favor?

We shouldn’t. We don’t deserve offerings, platitudes, or penance. When we see a need, we should do our very best to become a quiet, helpful presence. If we never receive an acknowledgement, we can be rest, sure in our hearts, that we have given genuinely of ourselves. In time, the spirit of our gift will live long after the physical act of giving has faded.
By shifting our focus from self to service, we can all make a difference; we need only overcome our fear of rejection. When we take the time to invest in making the world a better place, the blessings are returned to us tenfold. People forget what you’ve said, and may even forget what you’ve done, but they will never forget the way you make them feel.
Building up our friends and family, and extending ourselves to those in need will always bring peace to our own hearts. The BIG things may get your name inscribed on a plaque to gather dust with time. But the little things sow seeds that will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.

~Be blessed, Y’all.

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