Stand Tall

Today they will stand a little taller. Today they will march, in perfect time. Today they will stand before the nation they’ve secured with honor, valor, and patriotism.

The American veteran is set apart from all others by choosing to serve, on both foreign and domestic soil, to uphold the principles and foundations of democracy. Americans number four and a half percent of the world population, yet only 0.75 percent voluntarily serve to maintain our freedom.

Veteran’s Day is not just another day off for the apathetic- not simply another excuse to hold a parade. Veteran’s Day is an observance of recognition and respect for the volunteers among us. For those who have laced up their boots, set their sights, and stared down the world’s oppressors.

For our nation, we send boys to war. We send boys, and bring back men.

If you’ve ever stepped into the boots, we thank you. We thank you for representing our America with dignity, discipline, and dedication. We thank you for your vigilance and compassion. We are humbled by your courage; we are inspired by your perseverance.

Stand tall and be recognized, today, and every day, as we salute you.

  Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and soul. 

Michel de Montaigne


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