Life With Boy(s)

Observations from my corner of the world:

~ Alabama red dirt roads can stand up against any and all presently known cleaning solutions.
~ Tadpoles require oxygen.
~ Everything matters to someone.
~ New red baseball socks turn sweaty little boy feet a grotesque shade of pink.
~ Southern girls can always paste on a smile and nod with grace and dignity.
~ Southern mamas can and will protect their little boys without a trace of grace or dignity.
~ Growing boys may feign illness.
~ Feigned illnesses are best cured with strict bed rest, dry toast, warm drinking water, and baths- with soap.
~ Tomorrow might be too late for: appreciation, forgiveness, or love.
~ Tomorrow is too late for: removing red dirt road, pink from feet, and to save tadpoles suffering prolonged oxygen deprivation.
~ Life is short. Live full. Love easy. Pray hard.

Be blessed, Y’all.

 (c) 2015