Tiny Kingdom

I may be a bit premature in declaring this week a Parental Victory before the week is actually over. But Saturday is just a technicality.

For the past several weeks, my son has kept my pocketbook empty with his social obligations. I didn’t mind letting him have fun with his friends. Until he popped off at me when I told him I didn’t have $15 for another new DVD. I told him no. He called me “chintzy”.

Wednesday afternoon I was paying bills. He strutted past, mumbling- which provokes me to wrath every time. He said it was funny that I had money when I needed it, but not when he needed it.

Hey, Tiny Little Man, you wanna go a round? Bring it on.

He brought it! I sent it right on back.

He now lives in Tiny Kingdom in which he has been demoted to Apprentice. He serves under a Queen (guess who). Queen Moi serves only The Almighty King.

Tiny Apprentice has a job: he is a full time student-athlete. His wages are earned at his primary place of employment, his school. There is no set wage- he must earn his pay based solely on his performance.

Queen Moi has enacted a hierarchal pay scale in which only best effort is rewarded.

Test Marks: >91 earns 1 coin.
Quiz Marks: >91 earns 1/2 coin.
Notebook: Must be submitted for review on Thursday evenings. Each subject requiring no corrections, earns 1 coin.
Report Card: > 97 earns 10 coins
Report Card: > 91 earns 5 coins

Since Tiny Apprentice loves his sports and riflery activities so much, he has been granted provisional permission to participate unless his grades fall >10%. Queen Moi always covers the costs incurred for team sports. Handled correctly, team sports build disciplined character.

But even a Tiny Apprentice must share equally in maintaining Tiny Kingdom.

Room Cleaning: earns 1 coin per day
Bathroom Cleaning: earns 4 coins per week
Clearing clutter: earns 1/2 coin daily
Trash Detail: earns 1/2 coin daily
Laundry Detail: earns 1 coin per load (washed, dried, folded, put away)
Floor Detail: earns 1 coin per day
Dusting: earns 4 coins weekly
Meal Planning, Budgeting: earns 5 coins weekly
Yard Work: earns 1 coin per hour
Tiny may request extra chores if all else is done, and school work is completed.

Queen Moi utilizes a template to record, verify, and compensate her tiny subject appropriately.
Tiny Apprentice must: save 10% weekly, and give/tithe 10% weekly, and must provide 10 coins toward gifts purchased for parties. Any remaining balance is discretionary.

He may choose to receive compensation in either cash or points (1 coin: 1 point: $1). Tiny must also self-track earnings by reconciling them in a checkbook-style manner.

The Tiny Apprentice must pay to play. Priorities, Young One.
New toys, movies, music, electronics, and TV time are assessed and taxed equally.
Electronic exposure time must be prepaid with earned coins. 1 coin: 1 hour of use. Saturday’s are free if the Kingdom is in order. Otherwise, the only free activity is reading.

Charity coins may be used in many ways. Tiny Apprentice has submitted a list of creative ideas, for consideration. So far, Queen Moi is very pleased with Tiny Apprentice’s enthusiasm.
This morning, Tiny was up at 5am working through his obligations. No quarters are as fair in all The Land!

Truly- as his parent, it is my responsibility to equip my son to efficiently and capably manage his responsibilities and obligations. He is physically approaching independence, but must learn consistency and discretion. By removing myself from the equation, I’m placing all accountability in his control.

He’s a Prince- not a frog! Someone’s Princess will appreciate my efforts…someday.

Be Blessed, Y’all!


(c) 2015